Thursday, 24 February 2011

Mary Katrantzou


One to watch.

Maria Grachvogel

These fabrics are so beautifully used and the collection as a whole, is so elegant and feminine.

Christopher James

Christopher James

Why is it that women's wear get to have beautiful interesting surfaces, would this style of decoration not work on men's wear?

London Fashion Week : (

Menswear for LFW has been so disappointing, out of the 12 designers from today's post barely 3 of them are interesting. Top shop's Tweed "Look" have unusual garment shapes but the lack of diversity in fabric makes it feel so repetitive throughout the collection, Katy Eary is again pulling it back for Menswear with bright punk styles with plastic detail and shiny fabrics. I am in no way saying each collection is not pushing design but very few people seem to be producing textiles or printed surfaces to push menswear into a place of interest in terms of surface adornment.
Developments from my rust photographs.

Carrying on from Antony Gromleys "Drawing" Image which has inspired me so much, i am again varnishing tracing paper drawing into it and using black ink for detail... My Favourite !


This weekend i found myself shovelling muck in the freezing cold rain on my parents land near the family home, only to discover a pile of burned wet metal objects including bullet shells, bolts and copper wire.
Im actually so excited by this, its like finding treasure to me!

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Ibis x

I really want one !

Working like a trooper : )

I really cant wait to ge back into the print room!

Just found some photographs from my Foundation Degree show from London college of fashion.

This lady has the most fantastic on line store!

Ruined photos

I decided to try and create a mood within my work after being inspired by Antony Gormley.

I love this disroyed effect within the image it looks so worn and seemes to give such a sinister feel because of the negative space and the solid body in the foreground.

Photos for placements.

Mood Board

More drawing development

Drawing development.

"Fluffier than meringue to as dark as death"

My final major project is based on the torture camps in Auschwitz in WW2, I don't want to look at the obvious as its not my way of working, Abstract landscapes bodies and anything sinister is catching my attention at the moment I want to look at striking imagery as development into digital print, hand embroidery and screen print as I think this could throw up some interesting ideas and textures.